CPAP meanings

CPAP means Consecutive Primes in Arithmetic Progression:

Or does it?

The most common meaning of CPAP is apparently:
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure:

I have received a spam mail saying "I have sent you this email because of your association with CPAP / BIPAP Sleep Systems." It highly praised something called a "CPAP Hose Sock" for "Just $11.99", with a link to the picture I copied here.
Amazing what can happen when you make a web page. And people say spammers mail random addresses :-)

Other CPAP meanings include:

Center for Public Administration and Policy:

Coalition for the Prevention of Alcohol Problems:

The Childrens' Pain Assessment Project:

County Poverty Alleviation Planning:

Council of Provincial Associations of Psychologists: 
Or is it
Council of Provincial Associations of Psychology:

Child-Parent Attachment Project:

Computer Photography Archival Project:

Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine:

Center for Preoperative Assessment and Planning:

Centre for Post-Analytic Philosophy:

Confidential Peer Assistance Program:

Centrosomal Protein 4.1-Associated Protein:

Consortium for Preparation of Assessment Personnel:

Critical Path AIDS Project:

Contract Price Adjustment Provisions:

Crime Prevention Action Plan:

Children’s Practice Advocacy Project:

Community Pediatrics & Advocacy Program:

And who says it has to be English?

Centrul de Pregatire pentru Administratie Publica:

Centro de Posgrados y Actualización Profesional:

Club de Patinage Artistique de Paris:

Cálculos de Pagamentos A Prazo:

A year after making this page with the above link, I got a mail from Orlando Magalhães Filho, (the contact Email on He wrote:
Here's other CPAP meaning from Brazil for your list:
Centro de Pesquisa Agropecuaria do Pantanal:

Can you find more meanings and give a link, preferably with cpap in the address?

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