Prime Records

This site primarily lists prime constellation records. There are updated tables of the largest and smallest known prime numbers in many different patterns. A prime number is an integer which is above one and only divisible by one and itself: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, ...
The author is experienced in searching and collecting prime records. They are usually added within a day of being submitted here, or published somewhere on the Internet. Please mail any unlisted record you know about.

The Largest Known CPAP's - Consecutive Primes in Arithmetic Progression.

Primes in Arithmetic Progression Records - The largest and smallest.

The Top-20 Prime Gaps (for all merits) - Large differences between consecutive primes.
Maximal Prime Gaps  A megagap with merit 25.9  New largest known prime gap  A proven prime gap of 337446

Cunningham Chain records - Sequences of nearly doubled primes. Page by Dirk Augustin, hosted here.

The Largest Known Simultaneous Primes - The best overall results for different patterns.

Prime Constellation Records - Link collection.

Consecutive Congruent Primes - First case of r consecutive primes with same value modulo n.

Ormiston Tuples - Consecutive primes containing the same digits.

Largest Consecutive Factorizations - The largest known cases of completely factored consecutive numbers.

My prime records - Records set by the author.

The remaining pages are also about primes but not prime constellation records.

Vampire numbers - Integers with a factorization containing the same digits.

Factorization of Sylvester's sequence - Prime factorization of the numbers in Sylvester's sequence.

Picture Prime - A 100000-digit prime with embedded text.
Left-truncatable Primes - Continually removing digits from the left end gives a sequence of primes.
Smallest n-bit probable primes - For n < 8760. Largest n-bit probable primes - For n < 11156.

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